Assessment -3

Dialogue between a Web Development Company customer care agent and a customer:
Please read the dialogue below and give the best answer

Customer: I’m interested in your web development services. Can you give me a rundown of your offerings?

Customer Care Agent: Certainly. Our services include creating responsive web designs, developing custom content management systems, and integrating third-party software.

Customer: Interesting. Can you provide a sample of a custom CMS you’ve developed in the past?

Customer Care Agent: Unfortunately, due to confidentiality agreements, we can’t share a live sample. However, I can show you a demo in our office or share a video walkthrough.

Customer: Okay, fair enough. What about your pricing?

Customer Care Agent: Our pricing varies depending on the scope of your project, the technology used, and the number of features required. Can you provide me with more information on your project so I can provide you with a detailed quote?

Customer: I’m looking to create a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android devices. Can you do that?

Customer Care Agent: Yes, we have extensive experience in developing cross-platform mobile apps. We use React Native to ensure that your app is fully optimized for both platforms.

Customer: Great. And what about post-development support?

Customer Care Agent: We offer a comprehensive support package that includes bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements for up to 12 months after launch.

Customer: Sounds good. And do you offer any marketing services for the app?

Customer Care Agent: Yes, we provide app store optimization, user acquisition campaigns, and social media marketing to help increase the visibility and downloads of your app.

Customer: Wow, that’s a lot of services. Can you send me a brochure with more information?

Customer Care Agent: Absolutely. I’ll send you a detailed brochure via email, along with a list of client testimonials and case studies.

What web development services does the company offer?

Why can't the customer care agent provide a live sample of a custom CMS developed in the past?

What factors determine the pricing of web development services?

What kind of mobile app does the customer want to create?

What post-development support does the company offer?